Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wildcard Update

Well, I have gone a sparkling 0-2 so far after yesterdays games. It's hard to complain about the Saints/Hawks game, if anyone picked the Sea-Chickens then they were either from Seattle or stupid. Don't try to say "you knew it was going to happen" because you didn't. And don't tell me you're a football genius for picking it, cause you're not. You're a d-bag who picks the upset for no logical reason and claims fame when it happens to fall your way. Still, my 0-2 record speaks for itself so I'll shut up.

I'm still confident with my Baltimore pick and I think Ray Rice is going to drop bombs all over the Chiefs this afternoon. Remember, it was just last year he torched the Pats for 160 yds and 2 TD's on the ground in the wildcard round. Plus, if Baltimore falls behind early they still have the superior QB and I like Flacco throwing the ball 30+ times.

I'm still pleading the fifth when it comes to a Packers/Birds prediction. Like I said, if the Eagles can force the Pack to become one dimensional and force a few turnovers, they have a shot. But, if the Packers get a lead early and take the crowd out of the game, its going to be a long afternoon. Ugh, I'm more nervous today then I was during my entire law school examination period a couple weeks ago.

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