Saturday, February 20, 2010

the halladay season

Check out this article on what Roy Halladay can bring to the Phils rotation, besides being a Cy Young caliber pitcher.
-thanks to Nurg-love for forwarding this on to me

Myself and Nurg had good convo the other day about possible scenarios for the Phils 5th starting spot. As of now it seems as though it is Jamie Moyer's "job to lose". However, I'm inclined to say that was a mere courtesy statement out of RAJ (Ruben Amaro Jr.) While I am not high on Kyle Kendrick, and truthfully never really have been, I am excited to see he has taken to Halladay after such a short time. Hopefully Kendrick's new found dedication secures him a spot on this roster, and more importantly gives the Phils a legit 5th starter. If not, keep an eye out for Jose Contreras who was signed to a 1 year deal this offseason. He was on-and-off last year for the WhiteSox before they released him, but he showed promise as a reliever in Colorado at the end of the year. Looks as if the Phils brought him in primarily as a reliever, but they did exactly the same thing with Chan-Ho Uglyfacialhair last year and then still gave him an opportunity to start.

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  1. Yes Chan-Ho got a chance to start. and we all saw how well that went. He was back in the bullpen faster than Brad Lidge could turn his 2008 season 180 degrees into a 2009 horror film. Contreras needs to start in the pen as does Kyle Kendrick. Kendrick should and will be the 5th starter for the majority of the season but starting out in the pen will give him the opportunity to prove his case for the starting spot while Moyer simultaneously proves the fact that an 81 mph fastball just doesn't cut in the big leagues any more. Once Jamie gets injured in April he'll realize that his role comes from the bullpen if not the pitching staff. But much love goes out to Jamie from me; in appreciation for all the guidance he has given to our your pitching staff, I will be holding his retirement party at my apartment