Saturday, February 20, 2010

Congratulations 76ers

Congratulations are due to the Philadelphia 76ers for yet another failed attempt at becoming relevant. Even despite repeated trade rumors around the league, the Sixers still found a way to keep Andre "I will never live up to the monster contract I was just given" Igoudala and Sammy "I couldn't even start for UNC this year" Dalembert on the roster. Instead, Ed Stefanski decided to get rid of the minuscule contracts of Royal Ivey and Primoz Brezek. Really? To go along with giving away 2 irrelevant players, the Sixers also got back 2 irrelevant players in rookie Jodie Meeks and journeyman Francisco Elson from Milwaukee. Not exactly the move Philadelphia fans were expecting to see. In response to doing absolutely nothing, again, Stefanski was quoted as saying, "There was nothing out there that we could've gotten back that would've helped us on the floor." WRONG. Last time I checked, ANYONE is better then the 8.0 ppg and 8.3 rpg that Sammy has put up over 8 years in Philly. Not to mention he's making $11 million this year and $12 million next year. To put it in perspective for you, that is more then Rasheed Wallace, Josh Smith, Caron Butler, Nene, and David West will all make this year. Wow. Keep up the good work Sixers, this is why only 3,000 people show up to your games.


  1. Typo on the 6th word of the post? On the word "PhiladelphiA"?? you're better than that bro

  2. What the management fails to understand is we, as fans, don't want them to make moves to "improve the team". We'd love nothing more than to trade away those awful contracts and tank the season. This isn't a one year fix, with Brand still signed through 2043 we will be irrelevant for the next 3 years. Fire the Ed, Ed and Eddies...Jordan, Stafanski, Synder.