Sunday, May 2, 2010

the staff

Coming into 2010 the only major concern about this Phillies team was clearly the bullpen. Now, not only is the bullpen still a concern, but the rotation is just as much of a problem. Out is Joe Blanton and JA Happ, in is Kyle Kendrick, Jamie Moyer, and even Nelson Figueroa. The sad part is, Figueroa might be the strongest of the scrubs to make an appearance this year. Since signing Figs off of waivers from the Mets he's given us 13 solid innings, including a spot start against Arizona which he won. All Moyer has done is give up 16 runs in 24 innings. Awesome. Guaranteed contract or not, I do not understand the logic of keeping Moyer in the rotation. Granted Kendrick hasn't been that much more spectacular giving up 20 runs in 23 innings. I shutter to think what this teams record would be if we didnt have such a power packed offense. The Phils are still getting killed by the longball, giving up the 7th most in the majors (28 so far).

With Blanton due back Monday, and Happ about to start a rehab assignment, things are starting to look up. But, with both of those guys coming back a new set of problems arises. Who, of the 2 scrubs currently manning the 4th/5th slots, is going to the already weak bullpen? My prediction sees Charlie as slotting Halladay, Hamels, Blanton, Happ, Moyer. Blanton and Happ coming back also presents problems with player options. The team just sent down and recalled Bastardo in the same week after idiot Ryan Madson kicked a chair, essentially wasting one of his minor league options. I'm fairly certain that both Figueroa and Herndon are both out of options, meaning they would have to be placed on waivers and be susceptible to being claimed if they are the odd men out.

Does anyone else think its funny that I just wrote a rant about Phillies pitching and failed to mention Brad Lidge? Well ya, he's back now. So we'll see how that goes.

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  1. Can we talk for a moment about the current state of phillies fans. Besides just perpetuating the stereotype that philly has horrible fans, the 2 field jumpers and the intentional vomit man don't seem to realize that this kind of behavior will probably lead to increased security and eventually ticket prices. There's a good joke in there somewhere about tasering oneself in the foot.