Monday, June 7, 2010

Power outage

So just what exactly has gone wrong with this Phillies offense? I've been hearing the question for about 3 weeks now. Justifiably so. What is not justified is people thinking that this hitting slump is going to last. Simply put, this lineup is faaaaar to potent to remain quiet for an extended period of time. The Phils are 30-26, 2.5 games back from the Braves. This after going 5-11 in their last 16 games. Yet still have hit more home runs then the Braves, Mets, and Marlins and scored only 8 less runs then the Marlins and Mets (25 less then the Braves). Werth and Utley have slumped, there is no denying that. But what are we usually complaining about at this time of the year? Possibly Ryan Howard's low average and strikeout numbers? Well "chur boi" Howard has (only) struck out 61 times, good for 9th most in baseball. But guess what? Out of those top 9 batters, Howard has the highest batting average by about 10 points. Utley has scored 37 runs this year, thats good for 25th in all of baseball. Werth has 37 RBI's, that ranks 31st (btw there's only 1 Met that has more, David Wright with 39, but 69 strikeouts too, ouch). I guess my point is I wish the national media would cease from freaking out every time this offense goes into a nosedive. It has happened over periods of the year in both of the last 2 seasons, they hit mid-June/July and then just start torchinggg people. Werth hit 7 HR's and 23 RBI's in July of 2009, his best month of the season. So how about we all just relax, and hope the Flyers win. If Leighton doesn't start I'm going to have a breakdown. Laviolette knows what he is doing, so I hope he makes the right choice and the flyboys come to play. They sure didnt come out prepared last game, completely embarrassing. And I'm so damn tired of that retarted Amstel Light commercial song they play after they score a goal. It is up to Pronger to stop that nonsense from being played, and he better if the Flyers have a chance at winning.

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