Saturday, March 6, 2010

free agency?

My frustration can't be put into words right now. The eve of free agency has passed and not a single move has been made. Normally, this wouldnt surprise me as the Eagles organization usually keeps their dealings on the down-low, but this time is different. We are in an uncapped year with a one year window to win a championship here. I'm pretty sure Andy Reid made that pretty clear with his uncanny "Donovan's our quarterback" statement. What a clown.

Some big things better go down before or during the NFL draft for me to even have a hint of excitement for this coming season or else the Eagles will be the EXACT same team that struggled through large parts of last year and failed to defeat the Dallas Cowboys in three attempts. Not to mention every other team is getting better with the Redskins bringing in a Super Bowl winning coach and the Giants just signing the best free agent defensive back on the market.

Damnit Andy.

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  1. I just don't understand how you let Rolle sign in NY. It's not like we couldn't afford what he got.

    The only bright spots so far have been Weaver and Avant resigning long-term. So much for addressing those glaring weaknesses in our defense...