Tuesday, March 2, 2010

why draft when you can buy?

Memo to the Eagles front office:

Please, please take a serious look into former Cardinal Antrel Rolle. I understand that Taylor Mays is 6'3 235 lbs and runs a 4.3 40 yd dash, I get it. Don't be fooled. Dare I bring up Mike Mamula? Easily recognized as THE example of a "workout warrior" that impresses teams with a decent college season and phenomenal combine numbers. Ask the Jets how that Vernon Gholston move is turning out...

Antrel Rolle is precisely what the Eagles need in the secondary to compliment Quintin Mikell. Remember, he played cornerback in college for the U and returned kicks as well. This guy has a nose for the ball. He has 12 pics, 5 of them returned for a TD, in just his 5th NFL season. In 4 years at USC Taylor Mays had 5 INT (3 of them coming in his Freshman season). Rolle provides instant leadership and experience (he played 5 seasons next to Adrian Wilson in Arizona). While Mays might play as a rookie, there is zero chance he gives you the immediate production that Rolle will provide.

Will Rolle be expensive? Of course. Premier players demand premier money. But Rolle is only 27 years old and clearly entering the prime of his career. Don't spend the massive amount of money Julius Peppers will demand on a 30 year old defensive end who has been known to mimic the patented Randy Moss "I only play when I feel like it" mentality. Be smart, stop worrying about money especially in this uncapped year when everyone gets to play the New York Yankees game.

Stupid Yankees.

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  1. Pretty much agree with everything you said. I'd pay for Rolle and draft a DE.