Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Look, scouting NFL talent is far from an exact science. That is pretty much a given. If it were an exact science then Tom Brady wouldn't have been drafted in the 6th round and Ryan Leaf wouldn't have been drafted with the 2nd overall pick. Still, that being said, most talent evaluators around the NFL have a pretty good idea what they are talking about. All of them except for one Todd McShay.

You guys remember Todd McShay right? Yea, he was that All-American QB from... Oh wait, nevermind, McShay never played a down of college football. In fact, he was a backup QB at Richmond. Yes folks, Richmond. A back injury ended his "career" and instead he started cutting film for the head coach. And my favorite part (this is a plug for all you University of Delaware alum) is that he graduated with a degree in LEADERSHIP. Ha! Leadership? You mean those study hall classes that the football players slept through, that is even if they showed up to them.

After his prominent college career was finished, McShay interned at The War Room, an independent scouting agency where apparently he was "discovered". I don't know about you, but I'm still waiting for the part where McShay has any experience evaluating talent at the pro level.
Check out this line from ESPN's bio on McShay...

"McShay is the director of college football scouting for ESPN Scouts Inc., where he has been evaluating prospects for the NFL Draft since 1998, during which time numerous NFL teams have utilized his reports."

Oh really, numerous NFL teams have utilized his reports? Funny, because according to an article on ProFootballTalk this morning, NFL scouts seem to feel just like I do...

"McShay does not have any good connections," the source opined. "Higher-ups in the league think he is an arrogant asshole. A know-it-all. And he really knows nothing. Whatever he says about a quarterback, take it to the bank, it will be the opposite. Remember, last August he stated that Jevan Snead was better than Colt McCoy and would get drafted in the top five. He has yet to publicly retract that statement.

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. McShay is as big of a d-bag as he seems on tv. Maybe I'm a little biased, admittedly I am a Mel Kiper guy. But lets be real here, when you have NFL scouts saying, "Most people at my level feel he is a joke", there has to be some truth in there. Bottom line, McShay is on tv only because he has personality and bleached blond hair (which was cool when I was 12). Not that I actually think that NFL teams prospect rankings are effected by anything he says, but you have to look at the other side of it. Some of these players are taking stock in the rankings given out by McShay, possibly thinking they are more valuable then what they really are. You can read the whole article here...

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