Monday, March 29, 2010

NFL Draft Mock First Round

First off, my apologies to the 3 people (and that's a generous estimate) that actually take the time to read this, I have been swamped as of late and haven't had the time to draft anything up. What better way to return then a mock draft?

1) St Louis - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
The Rams have to make this pick, especially after Bradford's impressive pro day on Monday putting to rest any questions about that throwing shoulder. Besides, anything is better then Kyle Boller or Keith Null
Alternate: Ndamukong Suh

2) Detroit - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
This pick is going to come down to Suh or Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy. If you saw any game tape of the Big 12 championship game, you understand why taking Suh is a no-brainer here.
Alternate: Gerald McCoy

3) Tampa Bay - Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
The Bucs will go best player on the board here and try to bolster that once vaunted Tampa 2 defense. McCoy will be an immediate presence on a defense that had virtually no pass rush last year.
Alternate: Eric Berry

4) Washington - Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
This pick will be decided on how much Mike Shanahan has been impressed with Jason Campbell up to this point. If Shanahan thinks he can trust Campbell then Okung is the safe bet, strengthening the offensive line with the best tackle on the board. Still, if Shanahan decides to end the Jason Campbell experiment, taking Clausen or McCoy this high would be a mistake in my mind.
Alternate: Eric Berry

5) Kansas City - Eric Berry S Tennessee
If Berry drops to KC, there wouldn't be any hesitation by Todd Haley and Co. to pull the trigger. Berry might very well be the most NFL ready player in the draft in my eyes. If only the Eagles sucked as bad as the Chiefs, I'd love Berry.
Alternate: Jason Pierre-Paul

6) Seattle - Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
Pierre is a physical freak out of the Jevon Kearse mold that could cause many problems off the edge. Seattle probably has a few other positions they need to address, but they also have a second pick at 14 overall.
Alternate: Bryan Bulaga

7) Cleveland - Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
Cleveland's only offensive weapon is a kick returner that occasionally lines up at QB in Josh Cribbs. Seriously. That is their only opportunity to score points. Yes, Bryant has had some character issues but I think the Mike Holmgren philosophy is going to change things around Browns camp, he shouldn't be a problem.
Alternate: Joe Haden

8) Oakland - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
I bet you're thinking, "Wow, that might be the dumbest pick of all time." And you would probably be right. Hence why I have the Raiders picking Clausen, because they are the dumbest franchise of recent history. What better way to cover up your multi-million dollar mistake in fatty Jamarcus Russell then to dish out some more guaranteed money for Clausen.
Alternate: Bruce Campbell

9) Buffalo - Trent Williams OT Iowa
The only thing worse then the Bills offensive line is their QB situation. This is too early to take Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow. Although, Tebow did have dinner with Jim Kelly the other night...
Alternate: Tim Tebow

10) Jacksonville - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
I don't know a whole lot about Morgan, but the experts rant and rave about his football IQ which is always a plus. I'll take a smart player over a Jamarcus Russell/Vince Y0ung any day.
Alternate: Earl Thomas

11) Denver (from Chicago) - Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
Denver wants Dez Bryant with this pick, but they'll take the next best receiver on the board in Benn. I'd like to say this pick is contingent on Brandon Marshall leaving, but who knows, even if he stays they might want to play for the future because it seems like Marshall tries to leave Denver every offseason.
Alternate: Everson Griffen

12) Miami - Dan Williams DT Tennessee
At 6-2 327 lbs Williams is a perfect fit for the anchor of Miami's 3-4 scheme.
Alternative: Terrence Cody

13) San Francisco - Joe Haden CB Florida
Haden's stock dropped after the Combine, but he's still the best cover-corner in the draft and San Fran can't pass up the opportunity to grab him and help sure up the secondary.
Alternative: Bruce Campbell/Trent Williams

14) Seattle (from Denver) - Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
The Seahawk's will go about rebuilding both their O and D lines in the first round grabbing Bulaga who could start right away for them.
Alternative: CJ Spiller

15) New York Giants - Rolando McClain LB Alabama
This pick is basically a lock for the Giants unless McClain gets taken early by someone else. They need to bolster the middle of their D after Antonio Pierce was released and McClain is a tank.
Alternative: Brian Price

16) Tennessee - Everson Griffen DE USC
The Titans defense took a big step back last year after losing Albert Hainesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch took off this offseason, Griffen gives them a weapon off the edge.
Alternative: Sergio Kindle

17) San Francisco (from Carolina) - Mike Iupati G Idaho
Iupati impressed a lot of people at the post-college season all star events and again at the Combine, he is the best guard prospect in the draft.
Alternative: Brandon Graham

18) Pittsburgh - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
Even with the strong/ridiculous combine numbers, I think Campbell will slip a little bit to mid/late first round. Pittsburgh needs to revamp that line and Campbell is athletic enough to do whatever they ask him to.
Alternative: Anthony Davis

19) Atlanta - Earl Thomas S Texas
I think this is a toss up between Thomas and Taylor Mays out of USC. Thomas is being labeled one of the most instinctive players in the draft and that is exactly what you want out of a Safety.
Alternative: Taylor Mays/Jermaine Gresham

20) Houston - C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
Yes, Houston's biggest needs are absolutely on the defensive side, but I don't see them passing up yet another offensive weapon. Steve Slaton hasn't proved to be the guy yet and Spiller will bring a home run threat every play.
Alternative: Kyle Wilson

21) Cincinnati - Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
I'm sure the Bengals wanted a WR at this spot after not signing T.O. or acquiring Brandon Marshall (don't rule that out yet) but Gresham is a premier TE prospect and the Bengals could use him as they would a WR to compliment Ochocinco.
Alternative: Taylor Mays

22) New England - Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan
Perfect fit for the Patriots, the in betweener out of Michigan has a high motor and will fit in nicely in that system to replace Adalius Thomas.
Alternative: Sergio Kindle

23) Green Bay - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
The Packers offensive line issues were no secret last season. You have to protect the bread and butter of this team in Aaron Rodgers if you want any chance to succeed.
Alternative: Rodger Saffold

24) Philadelphia - Taylor Mays S USC
The Birds have quite a few positions they could upgrade on the defensive side of the ball, Safety is the biggest hole without a doubt. Would not in the least be surprised if Big Red Reid went offensive line here, but Mays athletic ability is hard to pass up.
Alternative: Maurkice Pouncey

25) Baltimore - Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
The Ravens were hoping Gresham dropped to them at 25 but I don't see it happening. They could still go TE here and get a really good player in Hernandez who has great hands and caught a lot of balls at Florida.
Alternative: Jerry Hughes

26) Arizona - Sergio Kindle OLB/DE Texas
Even though they just signed Joey Porter, its pretty much a given that he isnt an every down player anymore. Plus it doesnt help he just got arrested and tried to fight a cop. Idiot.
Alternative: Brian Price

27) Dallas - Nate Allen S USF
Dallas could use offensive line help here, but it would be a reach for them to snag the next best OT on the board, so they'll go to the secondary which is their next concern.
Alternative: Morgan Burnett

28) San Diego - Ryan Mathews RB Fresno State
I don't see the Chargers passing up Mathews here, there is no way Darren Sproles can carry the load of that running game the whole season. Plus, Sproles is much more effective when he gets on the field as a change of pace back which would compliment Mathews extremely well.
Alternative: Terrence Cody

29) New York Jets - Jared Odrick DE/DT Penn State
I'd like to think the Jets would take big Terrence Cody here, but I see them leaning towards Odrick who will give them a big body at DE that could even move to the inside on passing downs and get to the QB.
Alternative: Terrence Cody

30) Minnesota - Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
Either way, the Vikes are going cornerback with this pick, Antoine Winfield isn't getting any younger and they could use the depth. I'm not so sure Wilson will drop this far, but they will still be in good shape with McCourtney and Patrick Robinson still available.
Alternative: Devin McCourtney

31) Indianapolis - Brian Price DT UCLA
I'd be shocked if Indy went offense with their first pick. Still, there are some weapons out there still like Jahvid Best who's stock plummeted because of injury concerns. But, the key to Indy's defensive success is their D-Line, and the experts love Price who's a DT that can get to the QB.
Alternative: Jahvid Best

32) New Orleans - Sean Witherspoon OLB Missouri
Perfect fit for this Saints team. I've only heard good things about Witherspoon and they need an athletic OLB very, very bad. Will be interesting to see what Darren Sharper does because if he doesnt come back they now have a very large hole in that secondary.
Alternative: Eric Norwood/Sean Lee


  1. I'm gonna go with Reid picking an OL in the first, hopefully Iupati. Looks like they want Marlin Jackson to play safety this year, and probably draft one in the later rounds.

  2. Did you use my prediction of birds drafting mays i gave you days ago and base your whole mock draft around that?? If so I would've appreciated some credit for this dev

  3. With Sheldon Brown reportedly about to be traded to the Browns, looks like we have a big need in the CB department. I know that the rumored McNabb trade was for Asomugha and a 2nd, but do you think Reid will draft a CB with the first rounder?

  4. I see us going CB in the 3rd or 4th...I feel like the top corners (Wilson, McCourtney, Robinson, and of course Haden) will all be gone before we pick again in the 2nd...and to be honest, the only one I really like besides Haden in that group is Robinson...he's physical...something we need to replace after Sheldon bounced